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We design and create transformational experiences in-person and virtually to focus and engage individuals and teams through proven best practices, tools and resources.


We create opportunities as part of the journey to discover strengths and uncover areas of opportunity so leaders and their teams can adapt to the business challenges and lead themselves and their teams authentically to achieve success.

Our clients appreciate that our candor is balanced by our sincere respect for their people and what they’re striving to achieve. 


Our core services include:

  • Leadership development

  • Executive and team coaching

  • People strategies and management

  • Emotional intelligence based team analysis and assessment

All of our services are designed to be delivered in person, virtually, or a blended solution — individually or teams. We support our clients’ journey where it makes the most sense, and is most effective, for them.


Effective leaders are self-aware. 

Our feedback-rich process helps leaders elevate performance by identifying small shifts in mindset and behaviours that have significant and sustainable results.


Coaching is a powerful tool that helps people embrace their potential and accelerate performance.

Working with clients, from high-potential leaders to CEOs, we develop specific strategies that move people, teams and businesses forward. We specialize in working with high potential leaders on an upward path within the organization.


We are passionate about helping our clients succeed. By creating strong self-awareness, and identifying small shifts, we help clients boost the abilities and behaviours that will help them thrive and get the most out of what they do.  

Our specialty is team coaching and development.

We create a specialized approach, customized to your organizations' unique needs. A phased approach builds upon existing team skills and norms, creating lasting change, and improvement to, individual behaviours, leading to highly productive interactions within the team.


We take the time to learn about your business, your systems and processes, your people and your goals and aspirations for your department or organization. We then create a program that focuses on personal and team awareness, to enhance communication and smooth the path to change and conflict management, resulting in a high-functioning team.


We create and hold a safe space for leaders and teams to communicate honestly and transparently.

We bring proven approaches and processes to individual and team development, and provide strategies that set everyone up for success.

Good people management touches on all areas of HR and ensures that the right team member is in the right role, with the skills and motivation to succeed. It requires leaders at all levels to fully understand and embrace their role as a ‘people leader’ and to be accountable for all aspects of the team members engagement and contributions, individually and as a team.


As part of our offerings, we facilitate executive teams defining their organization's mission, vision and values in order to focus their strategy. The in-depth sessions create an environment where ideas and insights come forward, creating enthusiasm and motivation that brings the team together to take the next steps in the firm’s journey.


also offers a range of Emotional Intelligence Services including:

One-day learning series:

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Leadership

  • Leading Our Way in Health & Safety

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Resiliency

  • Applying Emotional Intelligence for Enhancing Team Performance

Two-day learning series:

  • EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 Certification

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