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For over 25 years, Jacinta Hughes has guided people to be their best, bringing positive change to organizations. Working together with her clients, she helps them identify areas of strength that can be used to achieve personal and organizational goals. Straightforward and curious, she challenges her clients to be their best – one small shift at a time.


Jacinta is a highly sought-after facilitator, executive coach, and consultant with a track record of success with some of Canadas’ largest and most recognizable companies in construction, finance and insurance as well as with a growing list of small and medium sized enterprises in Ontario by designing and delivering high-value learning experiences for individuals, teams, and groups that create real change.


As a firm believer in the power and value of emotional intelligence Jacinta helps clients build team cohesion and resilience while developing effective and empathetic leaders able to meet the ongoing challenge of business management in the 21st century.

Passionate about travel and the power of new experiences to personal well-being and leadership development, Jacinta has led retreats across the globe. Her curated learning experiences also include virtual and in-person workshops that create space for participants to reflect, learn and grow.


A highly respected partner, Jacinta brings leadership programming to companies across North America and Internationally.


J. Hughes & Associates is a special group of people with diverse skills and experiences.

Each associate has a unique professional background, with experience working in a wide variety of industries. The team is customer-focused, practical, self-aware, and shares Jacinta’s passion for continuous learning.


What sets JH&A apart from the rest, is the way Jacinta and her associates get to know clients. Each member of the team takes the time to understand the strengths, values, and goals of the client, at every stage. Jacinta and her associates find ways to use their individual (and collective) strengths to develop highly customized solutions.



Clients come to us from across industries and with varying challenges. We work with organizations to help them, and their people, excel during times of change or transition.

We help our clients by providing the tools and expertise they need for long-term and sustainable success.

Associates bring experience from a range of sectors including construction, healthcare, energy, financial services, insurance, retail, advertising, natural resources and renewable energy, and education as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and not for profit.


For more information about our clients and their success stories, please contact us.

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